Inform Isabella the name of the Oliver Stone movie is JFK the actor who played the part of Jim Garrison the district attorney of New Orleans who indicted Clay Shaw for the assassination of John F Kennedy was Kevin Costner.
 my opinion Jim Garrison Pursuit of the Clay Shaw indictment end trial resulted in a complete reversal of the truth. It’s the way they play the game
 to comprehend the JFK assassination 1…be able to decipher disinformation. …Disinformation is an integral part of the John FK Robert Kennedy Martin Luther King Huey P long assassinations.
 Isabella Google Huey P long skull and bones put them together and see what you come up with
This movie was just a bunch of disinformation otherwise they who would not have let Oliver Stone do the movie. As I told you before Jim Garrison’s pursuit resulting in a complete reversal in those being able to capture the truth
Clay Shaw unce cameto my 523 burgundy Street French Quarter apartment in the early 1970s where II had a photo exhibit of a gay function on Bourbon Street and I have the opening of such photographs at my apartment which at that time was 523 burgundy Street as you can see burgundy Street is a circle maybe even part of the Hermetic service suggest you go to my Facebook page
Omar and I are having a great time in New York City in fact I love New York City I find the energy created professional and my kind of thing
At some point I will have a Facebook page or 3 who knows maybe even 13 devoted to the theme Luke Fontana and Omar the Great go to New York City
If you’re up for it and have the time I suggest you make arrangements to come to Hotel Indigo to the lobby on the 13th floor oh no that’s the 14th floor and share a glass of liquiteria.. I particularly like the brand killer XX
If not see you in Vancouver or New Orleans
Peace Brother

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