Luke Fontana, Take on Donald Trump

Recently during the Christmas holidays, Luke Fontana, I was in a ski chalet in Zermatt Switzerland.

What is unique about Zermatt Switzerland is Italians and Swiss citizens come to the top to ski.
When a beautiful Italian Swiss woman found out I was an American citizen she couldn’t help but ask me the question what did.


I, Luke Fontana —retired member of the Louisiana State Bar Association and presently an independent producer – composer musician photographer— think of Donald Trump selection to President of the United States of America???

  1. EDWARD HOOVER … MY ELECTED UNITED STATES PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY WAS OBVIOUSLY ASSASSINATED BY A CABAL OF ELITISTS  – SHOT BY VOLLEYS 0F CROSS FIRE… The explosive brain shot killing shot hit Kennedy from the front… but the elitist control press and the Warren Commission set up by Lyndon B. Johnson obviously lied to the public and said Lee Harvey Oswald was sole assassin shooting from the rear.

If you check out Lyndon B. Johnson, you’ll see that he was a mass murderer and J. Edgar Hoover was his neighborhood buddy and J. Edgar Hoover labeled by United States Louisiana Congressman, Hale Boggs in the open records of the United States Congress… Hale Boggs ex- member of the Warren Commission beginning to express doubts label J. Edgar Hoover in his own words as “GESTAPO”.
A year later, Representative Hale Boggs’ Speaker of the House… plane disappeared over the Wilderness of Alaska –supposedly never to be found.


When Martin Luther King begin to voice opposition to Lyndon B. Johnson’s oil soaked Vietnam War… and attempted to unite the anti-Vietnam movement with the Civil Rights Movement… he was gunned down in Memphis obviously not shot by the man J. Edgar Hoover had arrested.
When Robert Kennedy, running for President of the United States based on anti-Vietnam platform and won the Democratic nomination in the large State of California and it became obvious Robert Kennedy on anti-Vietnam platform was going to be elected President of the United States of America who shot obviously according to the Los Angeles Coroner’s report just inches from the rear of his head… but the man accused of killing Robert Kennedy never got more than 8 feet in front of him…
Investigating officers of the Los Angeles Police Department were EX CIA men… photographs disappeared…evidence destroyed… It just goes on and on and unfortunately so did the war in Vietnam crossing the United States taxpayers billions of dollars… agent orange veterans… same old story.


It was obvious We As Americans and lovers of our country- real Patriots Fighters for democracy and freedom or being control by a group of nasty Gestapo fascist ELITISTS who completely controlled the Press.
Yes, that was America and it makes Donald Trump looks like a cupcake!
We will know we have a President when that President elect by executive order removes the name of J Edgar Hoover off the FBI building in Washington DC.



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