Luke Fontana is a native New Orleans Photographer who documented New Orleans Jazz and her funeral marching bands from 1970-1980. His work is seen throughout galleries in New Orleans and was supported by a photography fellowship grant from the National Institute of Arts, Washington, D.C.

Each photograph in this collection can be purchased online and will be printed on high quality photographic paper and individually signed.

Luke Fontana is the founder of

  • Audubon Park
  • Anderson Minor - 2
  • Acadian House.

    Cataloula, Louisiana


Luke Fontana, Take on Donald Trump

Recently during the Christmas holidays, Luke Fontana, I was in a ski chalet in Zermatt Switzerland. What is unique about Zermatt Switzerland is Italians and Swiss citizens come to the top to ski. When a beautiful [...]

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JOE  Galates, father of Wilfred and Emily, lived on Bayou Liberty right outside Slidell Louisiana. To the people of Slidell these were the people that lived on what they said “across the Bayou”. They had their very own baseball team and was called The Bayou Bougalees. Luke Fontana as a second baseman for the Slidell Cardinals  played many baseball games “across the Bayou” against the Bayou Bougalees, mostly on Sunday afternoon… for more