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Luke Fontana, Take on Donald Trump

Recently during the Christmas holidays, Luke Fontana, I was in a ski chalet in Zermatt Switzerland.

What is unique about Zermatt Switzerland is Italians and Swiss citizens come to the top to ski.
When a beautiful Italian Swiss woman found out I was an American citizen she couldn’t help but ask me the question what did.


I, Luke Fontana —retired member of the Louisiana State Bar Association and presently an independent producer – composer musician photographer— think of Donald Trump selection to President of the United States of America???

  1. EDWARD HOOVER … MY ELECTED UNITED STATES PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY WAS OBVIOUSLY ASSASSINATED BY A CABAL OF ELITISTS  – SHOT BY VOLLEYS 0F CROSS FIRE… The explosive brain shot killing shot hit Kennedy from the front… but the elitist control press and the Warren Commission set up by Lyndon B. Johnson obviously lied to the public and said Lee Harvey Oswald was sole assassin shooting from the rear.

If you check out Lyndon B. Johnson, you’ll see that he was a mass murderer and J. Edgar Hoover was his neighborhood buddy and J. Edgar Hoover labeled by United States Louisiana Congressman, Hale Boggs in the open records of the United States Congress… Hale Boggs ex- member of the Warren Commission beginning to express doubts label J. Edgar Hoover in his own words as “GESTAPO”.
A year later, Representative Hale Boggs’ Speaker of the House… plane disappeared over the Wilderness of Alaska –supposedly never to be found.


When Martin Luther King begin to voice opposition to Lyndon B. Johnson’s oil soaked Vietnam War… and attempted to unite the anti-Vietnam movement with the Civil Rights Movement… he was gunned down in Memphis obviously not shot by the man J. Edgar Hoover had arrested.
When Robert Kennedy, running for President of the United States based on anti-Vietnam platform and won the Democratic nomination in the large State of California and it became obvious Robert Kennedy on anti-Vietnam platform was going to be elected President of the United States of America who shot obviously according to the Los Angeles Coroner’s report just inches from the rear of his head… but the man accused of killing Robert Kennedy never got more than 8 feet in front of him…
Investigating officers of the Los Angeles Police Department were EX CIA men… photographs disappeared…evidence destroyed… It just goes on and on and unfortunately so did the war in Vietnam crossing the United States taxpayers billions of dollars… agent orange veterans… same old story.


It was obvious We As Americans and lovers of our country- real Patriots Fighters for democracy and freedom or being control by a group of nasty Gestapo fascist ELITISTS who completely controlled the Press.
Yes, that was America and it makes Donald Trump looks like a cupcake!
We will know we have a President when that President elect by executive order removes the name of J Edgar Hoover off the FBI building in Washington DC.



Ban Corexit

LUKE FONTANA founder of SAVE OUR WETLANDS INC.( SOWL ) and  SOWL’S Executive attorney from 1974 to Hurricane Katrina announces he has launched a campaign to expose the toxic deadly effects reaped upon Louisiana citizens and her natural resources by British Petroleum after their Gulf of Mexico oil spill by BPP use of the chemical dispersant COREXIT.
LUKE FONTANA’S final goal is to have use of COREXIT ILLEGAL IN  UNITED STATES & Canada …

Luke Fontana awarded $2000 By New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation

Luke Fontana storyline centering around the Bourbon Street 1976 shooting death of Afro-American Charles Cheatham by New Orleans police officer Stephen Reboul
The trial drama occurring doing the Jury civil district court Sheryl Cheatham vs. City of New Orleans … Judge Tom Early presiding
Jury award $619,000 reversed by Louisiana fourth Circuit Court of Appeal judge Peter Beer. At the time this was the largest and the first significant judgement evercast against the blue line New Orleans Police Department for killing an Afro American male.
Louisiana state supreme court judge Pascal Calogero restores the jury award  $619,000 and now with legal interest coms out to $800,000.- this judgment will be paid by the taxpayers of New Orleans Louisiana.
In spite of this award New Orleans police officer Stephen Reboul remains on the force under the administration of the first Afro-American mayor elected in New Orleans—Mayor Ernest Dutch Morial
During this Administration of Mayor Dutch morial there is a RAID conducted on a home in Algiers Louisiana across the Mississippi River directly from downtown New Orleans.
It’s called The Algiers 4 Massacre.
It’s here in Algiers—nopd officer Stephen Reboul— the same cop who killed Charles Cheatham on Bourbon Street in April of 1976—! costing the taxpayers of New Orleans $800,000– this same police officer— not only stays on the New Orleans Police Department but actually ends
Up as a key shooter!!!
Stephen Reboul guns down Cheryl Singleton while she is in a bathtub as her ten-year-old son looks on
THE Algiers 4 Massacre
Where New Orleans police officer Stephen Reboul- shot Cheryl Cheatham in a bathtub while her ten-year-old son was nearby
Luke Fontana has two visions for his project
One Vision is to make Jazz funeral a documentary
The third vision this to make Jazz funeral title now jazz funeral for democracy into a major motion picture that will change the course of history— the world dominated  by PEACE—Justice — ecological history for the good of all…
In regard to the second vision upload Fontana there is no Luke Fontana second vision
Hopefully yours with the spirit-love of Uncle Lionel Baptiste- WHO always had
Luke Fontana


Inform Isabella the name of the Oliver Stone movie is JFK the actor who played the part of Jim Garrison the district attorney of New Orleans who indicted Clay Shaw for the assassination of John F Kennedy was Kevin Costner.
 my opinion Jim Garrison Pursuit of the Clay Shaw indictment end trial resulted in a complete reversal of the truth. It’s the way they play the game
 to comprehend the JFK assassination 1…be able to decipher disinformation. …Disinformation is an integral part of the John FK Robert Kennedy Martin Luther King Huey P long assassinations.
 Isabella Google Huey P long skull and bones put them together and see what you come up with
This movie was just a bunch of disinformation otherwise they who would not have let Oliver Stone do the movie. As I told you before Jim Garrison’s pursuit resulting in a complete reversal in those being able to capture the truth
Clay Shaw unce cameto my 523 burgundy Street French Quarter apartment in the early 1970s where II had a photo exhibit of a gay function on Bourbon Street and I have the opening of such photographs at my apartment which at that time was 523 burgundy Street as you can see burgundy Street is a circle maybe even part of the Hermetic service suggest you go to my Facebook page
Omar and I are having a great time in New York City in fact I love New York City I find the energy created professional and my kind of thing
At some point I will have a Facebook page or 3 who knows maybe even 13 devoted to the theme Luke Fontana and Omar the Great go to New York City
If you’re up for it and have the time I suggest you make arrangements to come to Hotel Indigo to the lobby on the 13th floor oh no that’s the 14th floor and share a glass of liquiteria.. I particularly like the brand killer XX
If not see you in Vancouver or New Orleans
Peace Brother