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Luke Fontana is a well known and recognized New Orleans jazz photographer who's photographs have been selected as part of the permanent collection of the Louisiana State Museum Jazz Collection and the New Orleans Historical Collection Society.

Currently residing in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Luke describes himself as a mixture between Paul Strand and Walker Evans with a taste of Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Luke is a recipient of a Photography Fellowship Grant from the National Endowment of Arts, Washington, D.C. This grant resulted in the publication of two books: "New Orleans and her Jazz Funeral Marching Bands" and "Save Our Wetlands".  Both books have been completely sold out for many years, and now are collector items.

Luke Fontana's 3rd book, which remains unpublished is titled "Valley of the Pecan Gatherers". Valley of Pecan Gatherers is a collection of photographs from the rural south during the early 1970's. These photographs, considered by Luke to be some of his finest work, are offered for sale on this website. The original manuscript of this book is part of the permanent collection of the Auburn Research Library in Atlanta, Georgia.

Luke Fontana's posters and prints titled LOUISIANA HERITAGE are on display and sold at numerous galleries in New Orleans, and his original photographs have been featured in several prestigious New Orleans Vieux Carre galleries.

Luke Fontana is also the producer of 4 audio CD's titled

  1. Down in Louisiana
  2. Earl K Long Rantin Ravin Singin
  3. Save Our Wetlands
  4. Ballad of Earl K Long

His 5th audio CD is expected to be completed soon.  It is titled, "New Orleans 2nd Line", and features Wynton Marsalis 2nd line and street music from the 2006 French Quarter Festival.

Luke Fontana also produced the film "Jazz Funeral For Democracy" which has been screened at film festivals throughout North America and won a number of viewers choice awards. 
He is also presently working on the following titled films:

  • New Orleans Jazz Funerals of Tuba Fats, Alvin Baptiste and Louis Nelson
  • Battle for New Orleans a Save Our Wetlands Production
  • Eco Mardi Gras
  • Valley of the Pecan Gatherers a musical southern sojourn
  • New Orleans Street Performers of 1970's
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