Papa Joe History




 JOE  Galates, father of Wilfred and Emily, lived on Bayou Liberty right outside Slidell Louisiana. To the people of Slidell these were the people that lived on what they said “across the Bayou”. They had their very own baseball team and was called The Bayou Bougalees. Luke Fontana as a second baseman for the Slidell Cardinals  played many baseball games “across the Bayou” against the Bayou Bougalees, mostly on Sunday afternoon.
Joe  Galates  was a steady customer at Andrea Carollo’s  grocery  store on the corner of Robert and Usin street Slidell Louisiana.
On one of our many fishing trips for largemouth bass that we called Green trout on Bayou Liberty, Joe Galates, told me the story how he often went 2 Carollo’s grocery store, located off Robert  and  Cousin  street, to order a poor man’s poor boy. A poor man’s poor boy was a banana between two pieces of French bread with a dash of mayonnaioe.

Joe Galatas fall in love with the beautiful Rosalie Salena Carollo, but it was not meant to be.

Pictured here on the right, you see Luke Joseph Fontana Sr. in 1927 as he appeared when he swept the young and delicate Rosalie Selena  Carolla off her feet. The tall young man on the left was a boxer from Bogalusa Kama home Luke Fontana senior was promoting. His identity is unknown.
The marriage was approved by her mother Antoinina Pellerito Carollo, who thought that Luke Fontana was a Dapper dresser and an elegant specimen of a young Italian male. However the marriage was approved only reluctantly hi Rosalie Salena’s father, Andrea Carollo.
So the song Papa Joe evolve from my fishing relationship and friendship withJoe Galates

One thing we both had in common was our complete love and fascination with fishing. Joe  Galatas  love fishing the Bayou. I love fishing the Rigolets which was the Gateway from the Gulf of Mexico into Lake Pontchartrain.

And Joe Galatas  and Luke Fontana made a pact. 

I would teach Joe Galatas to fish the Rigolets, and Joe Galatas would teach me to fish Bayou Liberty and Bayou Pacquet.


But most important binding pact between me, now 18 years old and Papa Joe, well into his seventies, as we circled around the dirt road at Saint Genevieve Church on Bayou Liberty, that I would always always the rest of my life protect the Bayou Liberty.


Papa Joe loved so dearly. With his arm around me, and with a tear in his eye,  he made me promise I would always always always till the day I die protect Bayou Liberty.


And it was many many years later, I remembered that pledge made on that Bayou day with Papa Joe‘s arms around my neck as we circled around and as we circle around boundaries of the Earth on the wings of my long tail feather as I Circle as I circle athe bayous of the earth…


That I now as executive attorney for Save Our Wetlands Inc. (SOWL) joined forces with attorney Arthur Leman the 4th. And with this very competent professional  and well respected  Arthur Leman by my side, we made battle against the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the St. Tammany Parish Council.


These two conglomerate monsters were issuing permit after permit after permit to any and all shopping centers over forested wetlands that stop the flooding of Bayou Liberty Bayou Vincent and Bayou Bonnfouca that flows through the Old Town Slidell and I mean battled with the st. Tammany Council. As usual physical threats were made against me by a member of the st. Tammany Parish Council.


Arthur Leman 4th  began falling filing suits against the Corps of Engineers trying to get some type of cumulative environmental impact study for st. Tammany Parish on all the urban developments that were draining destroying all the forest.

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