Act 2… Continued from Act 1 of April 1992 Speech at Jesuit High School…Background

OK everybody here I am

 It’s April of 1992 and I Luke Fontana am before

500 #Jesuit High School students dressed in U.S. Marine military cadet uniforms Training to be obedient servants to DAT #Whodat #Princeofpeace  #Jesuschrist

& @ same time to March w/military weapons to be ready to kill for #George Bush family’s oil wars…

The Jesuits teach Peace

The Jesuits teach War

It’s like #Kiptedeschi said after graduating from #Springhillcollege:

“I am who I am In spite of the Jesuits”

& so am I Luca Fontana.

By Grace of God & 3 angels, who watch over me… I AM WHO AM

CRAZY HORSE LUCA  standing on this Friday April 13th before 500 brave young men dressed in military uniforms, being indoctrinated by the Jesuit indoctrination machine teaching Love & WAR…

A Hegelian approach of contradictories.

The Illuminati’s approach to keep us all in line & to kill DAT rebel spirit which lives inside each of our Souls…

“From chaos comes order”

 & from the Illuminati’s order comes obedience to the evil powers to be ready to stamp 666 upon our wrists

Upon our souls

Upon our tongues

To vaccinate each one of our children so they will grow up unhealthy and not able to evolve from lies to truth

From sickness to health

To permit out air and waters to be poisoned with their greed to possess everything… Yes even our very souls

 So we can all become robots

They have Tongues but they do not Speak

They have Ears but they do not Hear

They have Eyes but they do not See

However, I STAND ready to preach TRUTH Inside this Jesuit Citadel empire

Who preach Jesus of Peace & @same time teach a Jesus of war.

A Jesus obediently marching w NRA sanctioned AK47 Assault rifles into the Camp street New Orleans World War 2 Museum…

…into the chapel @Spring Hill college mobile Alabama

As U.S. Marine General #Smedleybutler stated:



 How am I going to educate in 60 minutes what has accumulated in my life time in the last



#33 years?

OK we know where these Jesuit High students come from???

Do U really???

@ this point my life, I know this..

Jesuit High students R not same type of snobs #Bostonclub $St. Charles Av. #Uptown crowd

 These Jesuit High School kids do not come from families that were members of the Cotton club, Boston club Pickwick club, SKULL & BONES club.

DATS the Bobby Kerrigan family

 You know whom I’m talking about.

The Eustis family

The John Slidell family

The Judah Benjamin Family

The Albert Pike Family

The Prescott Bush family

The George H W Bush family

The Skull & Bones family

The Boston Club Family

The Jones Walker Family

The House of Rothschild Family

The New Orleans Country Club Family

Ain’t my family

Google: Mistick Krewe of Comus- Secrets revealed… 

Secrets revealed.

 OK DATS enough of DAT…

It’s April of 1992 and I, LUKE FONTANA. am before 500 Jesuit high school students, dressed in U.S. military uniforms to deliver a speech about saving our wetlands and that means our souls…

Let’s stop

Before I give the speech

Maybe we should search where I’m @ this point in April of 1992.

————————————————Copyright: Luke Fontana

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