Luke’s Speech at Jesuit High School, New Orleans, April 1992 Act 1

This is the background, concerning a speech I gave @ Jesuit High School New Orleans, in April 1992.

13 min. into my speech, Mr. Fredericks the Principal, approached the podium, put his hand over the microphone stating:

“Mr. Fontana that’s enough”

I then responded:

“You ask me to speak for an hour.

I’m speaking for an hour.

If you don’t like it call the police.”

Which Mr. Fredericks did.

Shortly thereafter, I was assaulted by employees of Jesuit & the U.S. Marine commandant, Director of the Jesuit military cadet training program.

After filing a lawsuit for damages in Civil District Court, Orleans Parish, I was able to collect $30,000 from Jesuit High


This is a 3-part background series, leading into my speech, my assault, the arrest of 2 Jesuit High School employees, + my collection of $30,000 from Jesuit High School for damages.

ACT 1.

My office was contacted by officials of Jesuit High School, New Orleans in early April of 1992, requesting DAT I Luke Fontana, Executive Attorney for Save Our Wetlands Inc. (SOWL) give a speech @ Jesuit… 

Should mention, I am a proud graduate of Jesuit High School & Spring Hill College, another Jesuit institution in Mobile, Alabama.

@ time I was a registered Cox cable Television Producer, Directing & Producing sixteen /30min. TV programs titled Save our Wetlands ECO News.

Meeting in Principal’s office DAT fateful pre- speech early April morn, I got permission from the principal Mr. Fredericks to have my cameraman, Carlos Valladares film my 1hr. speech.

Jesuit High School Chapel was selected as the forum for my speech before a captive audience of 500 U.S. Marine cadet uniformed students, being indoctrinated to kill gooks & Moslems in future for the Bush oil family.

Since graduating only had one dealing w/Jesuit…DAT was joining John Messina’s Alumni group, protesting selection of Congressman F. Edward Hebert as Jesuit Alumnus of the decade in spite of fact he was a notorious WAR HAWK!!!

@ time of this April 1992 Jesuit speech, I was a member of the Christic Institute named after Jesus Christ.

Our purpose was to expose a Secret Govt. within our govt., composed of members of the CIA & U.S. military, illegally shipping weapons imported from Israel to a Mena, Arkansas airport.

The weapons were then loaded into airplanes flown by CIA Baton Rouge pilot Barry Seal to the Contras, a right wing “death squad group” backed by Skull & Bones CIA mastermind George H. W. Bush.

It was all part of the Iran Contra affair, directed by Lt. Colonel Oliver North.

Oliver North was sentenced to prison for his participation in this illegal criminal affair-enterprise in violation of the Boland amendment & U.S. Constitution.

However, he escaped from prison.

As a reward from higher authority for not divulging Republican VP CIA Puppet Master George H W Bush, Oliver North instead was awarded to be a Propaganda Minister spokesman for FOX news.

Today, he is Director of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has been proven to be funded by the Russian Mafia.

Then the Russian Mafia NRA transferred $$$ millions into greedy hands of Republican Party. 

& today DAT’S why Republican senator Mitch MC CONNELL & other Republican politicians have been fighting so hard to stop Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into the TREASONOUS acts of Donald Trump & his family’s criminal enterprise.



Always a TRAITOR.

The Contras, described as Freedom Fighters by Republican president Ronald Reagan, would then load up Barry Seal’s planes w/ crack cocaine.

This crack cocaine eventually found itself into the Afro American urban communities of New Orleans, Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York

…spreading violence & turmoil… Just what the Illuminati want…


To be continued as

ACT 2.

Stay tuned

Best yet to come.

————————————————Copyright: Luke Fontana

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