Luke Fontana Sues New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell

Luke’s Letter to Mayor Cantrell

Dear Honorable Mayor LaToya Cantrell,

Your demagogue & adversarial restrictive approach & failure to consult w/top executives in the tourist industry is destroying our city’s culturally important French Quarter—our tourist industry & most businesses in general.

Your failure to collaborate w/tourism leaders, making announcements about potential cancelations w/o coordinating-consulting w/head of city’s tax funded tourism organization= your Mussolini authoritative restrictive adversarial approach is destroying fabric of the city culturally & economically.

You have “screwed” lives of thousands of New Orleans workers. 

Your ship is sinking.

U have no idea what u have done.

U have caused failures of hundreds of small businesses. 

U just told 90,000 employees to drop dead= # of people in the hospitality industry—including hotels, restaurants & tour companies.

U have “blown” up the largest industry in the city.

& now u r moving too slowly & too 

restrictive to permit restaurants-businesses to reopen.

Your Mussolini Mad Mask Mandate is crazy.

Qualified neurosurgeons & medical doctors are testifying all over the world that wearing the mask is unhealthy.

Because of u employees are forced to wear unhealthy masks, covering their nose & mouth, restricting their normal flow of breath.

Because of u, masked unsightly employees stand outside once lovely restaurants, asking potential customers if they have a mask… Ever try eating raw oysters w/ a mask?

Your proposal limiting restaurants-businesses to 25% capacity is just plain stupid.

You’re Nazi like command, mandating citizens to stay home, when it’s a medical fact, stemming from research since Spanish influenza =being outside is more healing.

Your stupid, backwards, unhealthy, unscientific & non-medical Gestapo Orders are destroying the tourist industry of New Orleans.

After full page ad appeared in Morning Advocate/New Orleans Times Picayune, advocating reopening New Orleans businesses, you accused New Orleans fine jeweler Franco Valobra, real estate Mgr Robert E Smith, Lupo, Hotelier David Montelone & former City Councilmember, Jay Batt, of attempting to “BULLY” u.

Sorry Mayor Cantrell they are not Bullies.

U R the Bully. 

Simply put “the Emperor wears no clothes”

One thing for certain if New Orleans is to survive u must be defeated in next Mayoral election.

From a city that has evolved from slave trading 2 1 of most free democratic cities in the world, your idiotic mandates are reverting New Orleans back to “slave” days.

We ain’t Russia.

We ain’t China.

We ain’t puppets of Nazi fascist Mussolini rulers.

And I say, if the shoe fits wear it.

Yep we are Americans

And as Patrick Henry said

“For me give me liberty or give me death.”

You also need to educate yourself on how bogus this Pandemic crisis is & Bill Gates program of MANDATATORY VACINNATION & implantation of his patented microchips.

If u think this is some kind of “Conspiracy “Theory”, u & your staff need to review House Democrats proposed “Bill 6666” & what is being planned in Ventura County California.

Look at Truth About Vaccines & Dr. Buttar

Bill Gates has been accused before UN for crimes against humanity, killing millions of India citizens w/his experimental vaccines.

Bill Gates has taken control of WHO, CDC & is part of a criminal pharmaceutical industrial corporate complex, along w/ Dr Anthony Fauci, killing, injuring countless millions w/ their schedule of vaccines.

You, Mayor Cantrell are nothing but a “pawn in their game”.

You Mayor Cantrell = a Nazi Gestapo agent ally of Bill Gates, Dr Anthony Fauci, & their corporate industrial complex of lying murdering WHO, CDC, & pharmaceutical criminals, killing, injuring millions…plotting… planning for MANDATATORY VACCINATIONS.

Mayor Cantrell in all due respect you stand on the side of lies.

I stand on the side of truth.

I stand on side of Robert Kennedy Jr.

I stand on side of Drs Rashid Buttar, Judy Mikovits, Bruce Lipton, Andrew Wakefield, Todd Koran & CDC whistleblower Dr William Thompson.

As Ty & Charlene Bollinger, directors of The Truth about Vaccines movement (TTAV) have shouted 


Truth About Vaccines

Respectufly yours,

Luke Fontana



Every member of New Orleans city council and their staff

Every member of the Louisiana legislature

Every member of the United States Congress

President Donald J Trump

Presidents of Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal et al

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau

Luke’s Lawsuit Against Mayor Cantrell

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