Third Day of the Colorado Trail Series

Standing Bear speaks how the Pacific Ocean is slowly dying because of the radioactive waste released from Fukushima, emphasizing this was the greatest Environmental disaster of all time. 

Within this hermetic circle gathering, I speak of my background, challenging the Atomic Energy Commission, and eventually the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on their Granting of construction and operation permits For the Waterford Nuclear power plant, located in Taft Louisiana just 15 miles up river from New Orleans.

To be continued…

This morning we held a Hermetic Circle w/i 3.33 miles of Gore Range, White Mountain River National Forest, inside a secluded Native Teepee…

 At this meeting, Standing Bear, who is a Keeper of the Fire, an eternal Flame Carrier, a holder of the Dolphin Files, talked to us of the greatest Environmental disaster of all times.

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