Mayor Cantrell Will Not Shut Down Bourbon Street

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell said she’s looking into ways to strip people of unemployment benefits if they violate city rules against large gatherings. 

Cantrell, responding to a question about large gatherings on Bourbon Street over the weekend, said on Thursday she has asked city officials to issue citations and research whether the penalties could include revoking the payments that many have relied on as a wave of layoffs and business closures have rocked the city during the pandemic.

“It’s my opinion you can’t receive public resources but at the same time violate public mandates to keep people safe,” Cantrell said.

It was not immediately clear whether such punishment would be possible.

Cantrell said she was instructing her public safety officials to step up enforcement and issue citations to those found in large groups, including “pockets” of the city beyond Bourbon Street where city officials have said large gatherings have been a problem. 

The full article can be read at Nola.com

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