As Music Producer, Luke Fontana has collaborated with legendary bassist & Louisiana Music Hall of Fame winner, Ernie Vincent, the Cd/Vinyl Album titled BAYOU BONFOUCA BLUES. 

Both, BBB CD/Vinyl Album can be purchased in New Orleans at the Louisiana Music Factory…421 Frenchmen St. 70016.   For further details: www.bayoubonfoucablues.com

Mr. Fontana’s latest music production is entitled “LUCA GOES SOLO’.  Produced in New Orleans, it features a spicy gumbo of musical styles, insights & melodies; played by some of New Orleans’ finest musicians.  Lucas Goes Solo is available online via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music & iTunes.

 Also a screenwriter, Mr. Fontana is presently working on a script titled JAZZ FUNERAL FOR DEMOCRACY which revolves around the shooting death of Charles Cheatham, as well as, Mr. Fontana’s personal life experience of the horrible New Orleans Algiers massacre.

Luke Fontana is the Producer of 4 CDs. Click on the CD covers below to listen to the full length CDs.

Down in Louisiana

Earl K Long Rantin Ravin Singin

Luke Fontana also produced the film “Jazz Funeral For Democracy” which has been screened at film festivals throughout North America and won a number of viewers choice awards.

Films Currently In-Production:

New Orleans Jazz Funerals of Tuba Fats, Alvin Baptiste and Louis Nelson

Battle for New Orleans a Save Our Wetlands Production

Eco Mardi Gras

Valley of the Pecan Gatherers a musical southern sojourn

New Orleans Street Performers of 1970’s

In 1987, Mr. Fontana produced a CD and LP titled DOWN IN LOUISIANA featuring Butch Mudbone and Jeff Dawson, and also contains the original compositions of Luke Fontana..

Two of Mr..Fontana’s original compositions are titled BOGALUSA MAN BOUGALEE WOMAN. & PAPA JOEL best Cajun coonass I ever know.

Mr. Fontana is presently working with Louisiana Music Hall of Fame guitar player and composer Ernie Vincent to produce BOGALUSA MAN BOUGALEE WOMAN & PAPA JOE both as audio and on film, and to introduce it worldwide on social media.

The 2ND CD Mr. Fontana produced is 22 tracks of original compositions titled SAVE OUR WETLANDS and features a song sung and written by Rudy Mills titled SENOR GASOLINA.

Mr. Fontana plans to work with Eco Latinos, having this song sung by a Spanish band, entirely in Spanish.

Mr. Fontana produced a CD titled BALLAD of EARL K LONG. It features the rantings of ex Louisiana governor Earl K Long, plus longtime Louisiana musician and composer Jay Chevalier.

Mr. Fontana is presently working on two CDs. The first one is titled NEW ORLEANS 2nd LINE . This was the second line organized by Wynton Marsalis right after Hurricane Katrina, hopefully to inspire and bring back spiritually to the city of New Orleans.

This Wynton Marsalis second line started at the old Blandin Funeral Parlor, now called the Backstreet Museum on St. Claude Avenue, ending st Congo Square.

Mr. Fontana was fortunate enough to personally record this Wynton Marsalis second line performance, orchestrated and led by Wynton Marsalis. This CD ends with an an interview with Uncle Lionel Baptiste outside the Spotted Calf on Frenchmen St.

The second CD is titled ON FRENCHMAN STREET New Orleans Street Sounds

Mr. Fontana intends to have both CD’s out on the Internet and open for worldwide distribution by the end of 2020.



JFFD was held in New Orleans on January 20th 2005 this was the same day that George W Bush was inaugurated for his second term as President of the United States of America.

Mr. Fontana wrote a script titled JAZZ FUNERAL FOR DEMOCRACY which revolves around the shooting death of Charles Cheatham, as well as, Mr. Fontana’s personal life experience of the horrible New Orleans Algiers massacre.

JFFD was a traditional New Orleans Jazz funeral in commemoration of this inauguration, which to the second liners was a celebration of the death of democracy. People came from all across the United States to participate in this JAZZ FUNERAL for DEMOCRACY. Mr. Fontana won numerous Awards at various Film Festivals for this DVD across the United States.

The DVD also contains a march held in New Orleans on March 19th 2005 to commemorate the second anniversary of the war against Iraq.

The third track of this DVD contains a Lagniappe Bonus track titled the Jazz funeral of Tuba Fats.

Luke Fontana produced a DVD titled “Three New Orleans Jax Funerals”, consisting the funeral of three New Orleans Jazz Legends. Click on the links below to watch the Jazz Funerals:

The Jazz Funeral of Alvin Baptiste
The Jazz Funeral of Tuba Fats
The Jazz Funeral of Louis Nelson

Mr. Fontana’s Save Our Wetlands(SOWL) files have been accepted by the Historic New Orleans Collection.

Mr.Fontana is in the process to digitize these historic wetland files, consisting of many court battles against the United States Army Corps of Engineers, and large corporations, especially the destruction of 5,200 acres on the north shores of Lake Ponchartrain in St Tammany Parish Slidell Louisiana, now known as the Eden Isle and the Oak Harbor subdivisions.

He has produced and mastered his latest film titled “Mercy On the Bayou”.  The story revolves around the lynching of 11 Sicilians in New Orleans in 1891.  He feels it’s his best film production to date.  The film was made possible by a kind grant from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation.  For further details visit www.mercyonthebayou.com

Mr. Fontana has received numerous awards for his artistic contributions including:

2 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Grants

National Endowment of the Arts Fellowship Grant

U.S. Cindy 16mm Film Festival Award

Municipal Endowment

The Municipal Endowment Grant enabled Mr. Fontana to produced 16/30-minute television programs.

These programs were titled “Save Our Wetlands Eco News” and were produced with the cooperation of Cox cable television network.  

Luke Fontana Produced Films:

Save Our Wetlands (16mm Film)

Jazz Funeral For Democracy “A Wake for Peace”

“Stop Killing The Children”

“Mercy on the Bayou”‘s, The film is listed on the IMDB.

Mr. Fontana’s hoping with some assistance, he might be able to crack into social media and have these very historical programs viewed by many millions on a global scale.

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