Luke Fontana Addresses
U.S. Leaders Regarding Great Reset

Luke Fontana to President Biden

Luke Fontana to John Kerry

Luke Fontana on Friday, February 12, 2021 has filed a suit against Mayor LaToya Cantrell and the City of New Orleans.

US District Court Eastern District of Louisiana, New Orleans Division
Case 21-00326

Mayor Cantrell’s latest round of Mardi Gras Restrictions violates Luke’s First and Fourteenth Amendment Rights to hold Rise NOLA’s Protest Parade and 33 Minute Prayer Vigil on Mardi Gras Day.


Luke's "One Meat Ball"

Dedicated to Mass Murders, Liars, Killers, Pharma Ploy Puppets Dr. Anthony Fauci & Bill Gates and their criminal medical mafia spearheaded by major media

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Our Mission Statements:

    • Revitalize the New Orleans economy

    • Bring back the once thriving tourist trade

    • Open up our businesses

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