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An Open Letter from Luke, December 25, 2020

An open letter from Luke Fontana Attorney at Law to all personnel of NOPD & New Orleans Fire Dept & all other City+ Military employees:

I will represent for FREE any member of NOPD & NOLA Fire Dept & all other Military+ city employees, objecting to Bill Gates experimental COVID19 genetically engineered vaccine.

Remember this is America 🇺🇸 not Russia or China & Mayor Cantrell/is a person not to be trusted or believed.

After research, I am convinced Mayor Cantrell is part of “GREAT RESET” as perpetuated by World Economic Forum, & exposed by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’s Oct 25, 2020 letter to Pres Trump, as a global conspiracy against God & humanity.

As a major player in the “GREAT RESET”& under information & belief, I accuse Mayor Latoya Cantrell in words of J Stephen Perry, CEO New Orleans Convention Visitors Bureau(CVB), of “BLOWING UP” New Orleans tourist industry@same time erasing our culture & history.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell is consciously, purposely, bankrupting New Orleans so as according to “GREAT RESET” NOLA can be taken over by corporations.

In nutshell, it’s a global plan, spearheaded by major media & Bill Gates’ criminally controlled WHO CDC, Dr Anthony Fauci’s Plandemic pharma industrial empire to turn New Orleans & world over to corporations=FASCISM…

 To mandate Bill Gates’ MANDATATORY VACCINES, implantation Bill Gates genetically engineered microships.

Robert Kennedy Jr’s Children Health Defense(CHD) has constantly exposed criminal connections between Dr Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, WHO, CDC, & the evil 😈 pharma industry.

Robert Kennedy Jr’s Children Health Defense(CHD), in spite of major media deletions, has consistently exposed Bill Gates’ controlled WHO & CDC’s schelude of 74 aluminum/mercury toxic vaccine injections into baby bodies, killing, maiming, sickening countless millions.

Now Bill Gates & Mayor Latoya Cantrell wants your bodies & souls+ they want our NOLA.

 So whom do you believe?

A 2 bit scum bag corporate New World Order puppet liar thieving fascist Mayor Cantrell?

Mass murderer Bill Gates?

Or Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States

of 🇺🇸

Or Robert Kennedy Jr




As part of Luke Fontana vs Mayor Cantrell

Civil District Court Orleans Parish 

Case # 2020-10743

Section F…

 I have scheduled Deposition Mayor Cantrell Wed Jan 13, 2021@1300hrs 1pm@Mayor’s off City Hall.

 Will also be requesting recently elected NOLA DA to assemble Special Grand Jury to investigate Mayor Cantrell for malfeasance in office+other crimes.

In another lawsuit to be filed Feb 3, 2021, in US Dist CT New Orleans, I will request a federal judge to convene a Special Grand Jury to investigate not only Mayor Cantrell but also Gov Bel Edwards…

as part of “GREAT RESET” to bankrupt New Orleans & State of Louisiana so we can be turned over to corporations as described in Archbishop Vigano’s Oct 25, 2020 letter.

Merry 🎄Christmas 🎄2020

May God bless 🇺🇸🇺🇲🌎

Luke Fontana

Attorney at Law




Luke Fontana


Roman Catholic Church, Archdiocese of New Orleans
Archbishop Gregory Aymond,
Mayor LaToya Cantrell
Dr. Jennifer Avegno

Mayor LaToya Cantrell is limiting the right of one to attend Mass.

Lucca has filed for a Preliminary & Permanent Injunction Against the Archbishop, Mayor, and Health Director.

Hearing is set for December 23, 10:00AM, New Orleans Civil Court, Division F
Judge Bruno

Read the eye opening letter Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano wrote to President Trump.

One of the most important documents that you will ever read!

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