Save Our Wetlands

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Save Our Wetlands, founded by attorney Luke Fontana in 1974, has been fighting for the preservation of the Southern Louisiana coast for almost four decades. SOWL has filed numerous environmental lawsuits, produced award-winning programs, and has been a leading advocate for anti-littering initiatives across the area. Below you will find some historical programs produced by SOWL. Find more historical footage at our YOUTUBE page HERE as we celebrate 48 years of fighting for the coast.

Ch. 4 | New Orleans Streetcar Conspiracy ~

CH 3 | Historic Second Line Footage and discussion with legendary Civil Rights Activists ~

CH 2 | Footage from the Great Toxic March and Interview with Reverand Avery Alexander ~

CH. 1 | Eco-Mardi Gras | Historical Environmental Activism in cancer alley in South Louisiana ~

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