Mercy on the bayou

“Mercy On The Bayou is a revolution of the Soul utilizing Photography, Film, Music, Literature and American History to touch the compassionate human heart .”

Film Synopsis

Mercy On The Bayou- The Film, revolves around the lynching of 11 Sicilians in New Orleans’ Parish Prison in 1891. The lynchings were led byLance Eustesse 3rd; a member of New Orleans Boston Club.

​Civil Rights Attorney Luke Fontana visits the gravesite of Lance Eustesse III on behalf of the 11 Sicilians and all other human beings who have been so brutally abused and lynched in America.

​Shall revenge, rage or hatred prevail or love and compassion?

Prepare ye!

The Facts

Mercy on the Bayou is Luke Fontana’s latest film production and he believes to be his best one to date.

Mercy on the Bayou is the title of the documentary film which was supported by 2 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation grants…one in 2016-2017 and the other in 2017-2018.  

Both the film and theme song have been edited and mastered!

​Mercy on the Bayou  has been submitted to the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festivals, and the Boulder International Film Festival.

​Cast and Crew are some of New Orleans’  hottest & most talented artists; all known and respected on the national and international arenas.

The Mission

Via the highest level of visual and audible arts relay the vast spectrum of human emotion, thought, feelings and experiences in hopes of bridging & healing the heart of humanity and the environment.


Producer/Photographer/Writer: Luke Fontana

Direction/Filmed/Edited: Carlos Valladares

Starring/Music/Vocals/Writer: Michaelangelo

Set Design: Luke Fontana, Armand Sheik Richardson, Omar Alaoui

Made from a kind grant from New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation.

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