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New Orleans Councilmember

Meet Luke

Luke Fontana is an internationally known New Orleans Historic Jazz photographer, Abstract Artist, Attorney at Law, Producer and Environmental Activist.  He currently resides in Faubourg-Marigny District.

Meet Luke Fontana

“Open The Dome” “Stop Bill Gates” “No Mandatory Vaccinations”

If elected I will reopen New Orleans for business.  I will make Rampart Street, the marijuana capital of the world. The money generated will be spent on the repaving of pot holes, fund public schools, fund our public health care, maintain our public parks…ad infinitum.

Luke on the issues

“I Luke Fontana, attorney at law am running for New Orleans City Council and I am running on a pro business platform.”
Luke Fontana
“I stand with Stephen Perry, President & CEO of New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB), against those in power that are “BLOWING UP” the tourist industry in New Orleans.”
Luke Fontana
“I Luke Fontana, will restore the tourist industry in New Orleans.”
Luke Fontana
“I stand with the New Orleans Business Leaders who urged those in position of power in a April 19, 2020 full page newspaper ad to Reopen New Orleans for business.”
Luke Fontana
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